Our GotOption strategy is a proven mathematical formula that enables anyone to make money trading binary options by following our simple strategy.

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What is Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is the future of online investing. Making money with binary options online is just like how the richest people in the world invest. When you hear about JPMorgan making 100 Billion dollars in the first quarter of the fiscal year they were executing financial trades like binary options.

Should I trade binary options?*

  • Have you ever wanted to make money on the stock market but didn’t know how?
  • Did you ever think the value of Oil or Gold would go up or down?
  • Do you want to see earnings quickly?
  • Can you use the internet to read the news?
  • Are you ready invest online with any type of financial asset?


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By learning how to trade binary options you will be learning how to make money like the richest people in the world. Simple CALL and PUT options is how banks and hedge funds trade trillions of dollars every day and now you can get started for as little as $250.

  • Our trading strategy will be your guide to trading binary options online
  • Using techniques perfected with years of professional experience, our trading strategy will be yours to use to learn how to make money with online trading
  • You will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to evaluate a binary options trade (or evaluate and trade binary options)
  • You can start small with as little as $250 in your account. As you start to see profits, larger deposits are recommended for greater earning potential
  • You will not need any prior knowledge or experience in financial trading or assets
  • This secret strategy is being released for free to give everyone a chance to earn big money
  • Using our trading system, you can start seeing returns in as little as 60 seconds



Definitely not! We want to be a positive factor in helping the world redistribute wealth. It is our pleasure to share our strategy with you.

Binary Option Account Balance

Please don’t invest this much money, until you fully understand our strategy completely!


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Step 1 – Go To Site

We have tested many of the top binary options brokers and found the best so you don’t have to. Go to our recommend brokerage BeeOptions site by clicking here. We recommend BeeOptions because they are one of the most honest and most reliable binary option trading platforms, that consistently pay transfer customers earnings quickly, and have with no hidden costs or fees. Also if you sign up through our link they give you an additional $500 in funds to trade with no matter how little you deposit.

Step 2 – Open Account

Simply go to the link supplied above or Sign Up Here and then fill out the form on the right hand side of the screen, and then hit the Open account button. As shown in the example below.

Open Binary Options Trading Account


Step 3 – Account Details

Once you have clicked the Open account button you will be greeted with the following page, simply fill all the details out and then click Submit. The minimum deposit is $250 (however as your signing up from our website you will get an additional $500 in your account to trade with.) Follow the directions below to help you fill out the form:

Open Trading Account


Step 4 – Choose account type

You are now one step closer to the secret of the financial world revolution. We recommend that you start with a first deposit that is comfortable to you. You should never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Please Note: $250 is the minimum deposit, however the more you deposit, the more services you will receive and the greater your earning power will be.

Deposit Form Options


Step 5 – Deposit

After selecting which account type is right for your budget you will be sent to the payment page As shown below, simply enter the amount you wish to deposit and recieve the $500 bonus. The next step will show you how to get the $500 strategy test bonus. Do you get the bonus now or do you have to wait to the next step?

Binary Option Deposit

Step 6 – Receving Additional $500

If you followed our links to create your account you will be entitled to $500 in addition to your deposit. These additional funds will give your greater earning power and the ability to see greater return on your investment.

Click Trading Platform as highlighted below:

Trade Binary Stock Options Now
On the Trading Platform page click Chat with live financial experts.

Live Chat Binary Options Expert
Once you are connected to a live expert simply give them the following code TRADE500 GotOption, and ask for the $500 bonus.


If you have any questions, or want to talk to us during this process, be sure to e-mail us at help@gotooption.com



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Here is where we explain how to a make money with binary options and how you can make all your dreams come true. We will show you how to earn money like the richest 1% of people and increase your chances of success from 50% to 87% over time!

Make sure you have signed up to BeeOptions and have deposited the minimum deposit and have your $500 free bonus.

Step 1

If you still haven’t signed up at BeeOptions, please click here now

Start looking at the various financial assets available. There are forex pairs, stocks, commodities and indices. It is recommended to focus on currency pairs for short-term trades.

To pick an asset to trade and look for an option that is currently way above its normal value, compared to its previous values in the graph. Take a look at the picture below, which easily explains what you should be looking for. This is describled as an upwardtrend.

Down Trend Binary Options

Step 2

It is very important that you make sure that this option is the right one to choose. You can help ensure this make sure the value of the assest is at least 0.1 above the previous hour.

Trend Peak Binary Trading

Step 3

When you have fully assessed the viability of the selected asset (meaning, it meets both of the previous conditions), invest immediately. To invest, simply click the “Down” button, and enter the amount that you would like to invest. Proper money managment strategy dictates you should not invest more than 10% of your initial capital.

Approve Options Trade Tip

*Pro Tip*

You just told them to buy a Put, but this shows a Call. Just be careful to be consistent.

Quick Hint Trading

Step 4

You can use the exact opposite approach for any options that fit the opposite rule. If an option is currently way below the levels over the last four hours, you would also invest. But this time, you would press the “Up” (Call) button, When it’s trending down you buy a Call? decide on the amount you want to invest, and finally.

Step 5

This is the most important step. This is the secret to profitablility in binary options trading. Only select assets that exhibit the rules in Step 1. You wouldn’t bet on a horse with poor odds, you should not do the same in binary options trading! You should only make no more than 4 trades a day when starting. Once you have achieved some success and feel more comfortable, you can execute more. You should make no more than 4 trades get the better of you!


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This strategy is based on basic principles of supply and demand:

  • Like any form of financial trading, there are always buyers and sellers: call and put. Financial assets consistently fluctuate from rises to falls based on people buying and selling those assets. The trick is to exploit discrepancies in how the market values an option.
  • As the popularity of a financial asset increases, people begin to hedge their investments.
  • When the asset is at its lowest level compared to the last few hours, or even just an hour, most traders believe it is undervalued and that its price will go up, in order to achieve its natural balance.
  • As more traders try to buy an asset, it creates demand, which in turn causes prices to go up. When other readers see this, they begin to lose interest in the asset, and its value starts to decline.
  • The inverse is also true: when more traders want to sell and asset, its value starts to drop, and other traders start noticing this and develop and interest in the asset.
  • For these reasons, it is important to find assets (options) that are at their highest or lowest point compared to the last few hours as this indicates to the smart trader that the asset is either overvalued or undervalued.


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The world is a changing place. Each day, a few thousand people make more money than the rest of the world combined. I was fortunate enough to learn how these people make their money, and with this information I made myself a small fortune. With online binary options trading, I saw an opportunity to bring this earning potential to millions with the power of the internet. When you have mastered these trading techniques and start earning, I would be proud to feature you on our success page. I have invested the money I have earned developing this webpage to let others in on this money making opportunity. This is your chance to earn more money investing than you ever imagined, quickly and easily. Take it and thank me later.

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